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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Water has many benefits for skin care. The skin, in fact, is the largest organ in our body, it is our first defence against infections and a fundamental element of our appearance. For this part of our organism, water can have great benefits that go far beyond hydration, which nevertheless remains important.


Thermal water is very rich in vitamins and minerals and it can bring many benefits. Particularly, it helps purify the whole body and it gives new tone and elasticity to the skin tissue. This type of water, in fact, is indicated for the prevention of skin dryness and aging. But not all thermal waters are the same and each type has a different use:

  • Salsobromoiodic sulphurous water is rich in mineral salts – such as sulphur and sodium – and trace elements such as zinc and manganese. It has moisturizing and regenerating effects with a protective function against oxidizing free radicals. This is the reason why it has a marked soothing and anti-aging activity;

  • Bicarbonate-calcium water (an explanatory name) is useful for the treatment of skin diseases – such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis – thanks to its strong soothing and moisturizing action;

  • Sulphur-sulphate water is effective for oily skin, for the treatment of acne and it has a regenerative function for the tissues.

Therefore, we have seen that thermal water can help in several ways. In particular, it helps regulate the production of sebum which, once stabilized through balneotherapy, strongly reduces the appearance of pimples.

Thalassotherapy exploits the properties of high salinity water for the expulsion of toxins through osmotic processes. Palazzo Fiuggi, in fact, benefits from this particular water that flows naturally from its thermal springs. Positive effects have also been noticed for diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, erythema and dermatitis. Thalassotherapy also helps in the case of some imperfections such as cellulite.

At Palazzo Fiuggi, you can find various treatments based on thermal water, such as Thalassotherapy, for the regeneration of your skin. The combination of balneotherapy with the use of thermal water to create purifying herbal teas achieves the maximum result. In addition, Palazzo Fiuggi combines the benefits of thermal water with the recipes of the ancient herbal tea of ​​the Benedictine Monks and their exclusive phytotherapy collection.


At Palazzo Fiuggi, water is a fundamental resource. As well as having great beneficial properties for the whole body, it is also used in other contexts, such as specific therapies or diets.

In the latter case, herbal teas made by the Monks of the nearby Benedictine monasteries have been perfected. The recipes for these herbal teas are based on phytotherapeutic principles, i.e. the active ingredients found in herbs and natural substances.

In particular, two recipes have been developed at Palazzo Fiuggi:

  • The Draining Herbal Tea; it was designed to enhance the benefits of the water from the thermal spring of Fiuggi. It is made up of characteristic plants of the surrounding area such as asparagus, horsetail, grass and parietaria. Each of these plants has a diuretic and purifying effect. In particular, the parietaria is also known for its anti-inflammatory and emollient effects, which preserve the health of our skin. The recipe is completed with corn, bearberry and fennel.

  • The Relaxing Herbal Tea; it is particularly suitable for overcoming sleep disorders and insomnia, giving physical and mental relaxation. This tea also helps reduce stress and it gives your skin time to regenerate. Specifically, it is composed of passionflower, which is sedative and anxiolytic; of the hawthorn that helps sleep and calms the psyche; of lime, lemon balm and chamomile that relax the nervous system and allow you to overcome anxiety and stress; of lavender, which is an excellent sedative; finally, of the bitter orange that tones the mood and of marjoram and poppy.

It is advisable to drink the draining herbal tea in the morning and the relaxing one in the evening. These teas are prepared like normal herbal teas: just boiled water and a teaspoon of the infusion.

The benefits of thermal water are many and they definitely help skin regeneration and health. At Palazzo Fiuggi, a multidisciplinary team will build you a tailor-made program in order to help you take care of your skin and your health, thanks to thermal treatments and a balanced, top-quality diet.


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