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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

An efficient immune system is able to protect the body from aggression.

ragazza contrae l'influenza stagionale

But when we are at that time of year when we are surrounded by aggressive external agents, the so-called seasonal flu, how can we strengthen our immune system?


The immune system is a collection of cells ready to localise the external threat and to implement defence procedures to protect our body in case of need. In fact, the immune system is our main weapon against viruses, fungi and bacteria and whatever ills lurk in the air we breathe or on the surfaces we come into contact with.

The immune system specifically includes:

  • Bone marrow

  • Thymus

  • Lymph nodes

  • Spleen

We regularly take care of these organs for the proper maintenance of our immune system.

Especially during those times of the year when it is easier to encounter viruses and bacteria, when more and more people around us fall ill, and when the change in temperature forces us to spend more time indoors and without enough air.


Daily tips for strengthening one's natural defences are common in every field of medicine:

  • a diet rich in fruit and vegetables

  • regular physical activity in line with one's age

  • not exceeding the use of alcoholic substances

  • not smoking

  • keeping our body weight and blood pressure under control

But how can we be sure that our nutritional intake is correct?

Step one: do a check-up, establish a baseline.

From a haematological and nutritional point of view, but also from a sporting point of view to monitor the physique in active and even sleep situations to monitor its relaxation.

Palazzo Fiuggi took care of this.

That's why the FULL IMMUNO BOOST, the customised programme aimed at investigating and strengthening the immune system through natural therapies, nutritional advice, detox treatments and energising activities, is carried out here.

Boosting the immune system and achieving optimal health is of paramount importance, and thanks to specialist teams such as those at Palazzo Fiuggi, it is now possible.

Specific examinations investigate each component of the immune system, including tests and checks, and the team of doctors will then work on strengthening the defences against attacks from the outside world, stress, and seasonal illnesses.


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