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A personal account of an equally personal journey that the well-known host and author as well as entrepreneur and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey wanted to give herself.

oprah winfrey palazzo fiuggi

After knee surgery years ago that led her to feel the need to strengthen her body and make it healthier she chose to continue her journey of self-improvement with Palazzo Fiuggi as her destination, although she had never heard of it. In fact, as for many people, Italy is more associated with cooking and art and not with self-improvement and discipline.

But Palazzo Fiuggi offers this and much more, in an experience that starts with the healing power of water from the natural springs typical of the Fiuggi area in central Italy and arrives at the Medical Retreat of Palazzo Fiuggi's multidisciplinary team.


For a better life, lived better. And Oprah did not miss the opportunity to involve a few friends to share this experience with as well.

"I have never had an experience like this," she recounts in her article, and although she had been spa-loving for many years, she fully grasped the Palazzo Fiuggi experience in its entirety as a Medical Retreat.

This in fact is the result of a deep-rooted tradition of hospitality, which with genuine spirit wants to offer its guests the best of the place. From the cuisine of the 3-star Michelin chef, Heinz Beck, who enhances the raw materials of the territory, to the medical team that designs on the needs of each individual guest the optimal path so that he or she is deeply regenerated.

Palazzo Fiuggi is proud to tell its story through the eyes of a guest who recounts the experience, so we invite you to read the details of her experience directly from her article.


palazzo fiuggi percorso medico con ospite

Our approach is to begin each guest's journey with a comprehensive check-up to understand what each person's needs are, but also what treatments can bring the most benefit.

Oprah shares her story and gives a specific example: cryotherapy. This is a therapy based on the use of a special "cryosauna" that subjects the body to a temperature of -180 degrees Fahrenheit so as to trigger a production of numerous enzymes and hormones that promote blood circulation, inhibit inflammatory processes, and lead the body to tissue regeneration.

Says her friend, "I had a boost of energy afterwards and it even helped reduce the pain in my knee!"

Unfortunately, this treatment is not recommended for people who tend to suffer from high blood pressure, so Oprah was unable to benefit from it, but her high blood pressure had a palpable benefit from the Palazzo Fiuggi Experience.

Although she entered with 130/80 and therefore with values that were already optimal, on discharge she dropped to 110/70 as she reports in her article.


The individual treatments in fact act both at that precise moment but trigger a series of processes that the body carries forward over time and that followed by a healthy culture of food, nutrition and exercise bear fruit even after a long time.

ospite donna e cameriere al ristorante di palazzo fiuggi

Other treatments have had a very profound impact such as thalassotherapy, carried out in pools of high salinity water enriched with minerals in which by processes of homeostasis, the skin releases toxins in the body and triggers anti-inflammatory and regenerative processes.


For us, food is medicine and we take care in every detail of every single food we bring to the table, however, it is very nice as Oprah tells that the biggest dose you receive at Palazzo Fiuggi is attention and care.

ospite nella vasca di talassoterapia

This genuinely represents how we relate to the host, our language, our heritage.

The guest who approaches with an open mind to be guided within the Palazzo Fiuggi experience draws from it important lessons that will never leave him.

The power of water is the importance of hydration, the culture of movement, thanks to our Personal Trainer, who teaches not only exercises but to put our attention to perceive the signals of our body and our muscles. The medical approach that on discharge releases the medical record so that we can keep track of the parameters that we have seen to be important for the health of the guest.

ospite si affaccia alla piscina esterna

The very guest comes out with a sense of gratitude to himself or herself, and as Oprah says, "the body, mind and soul deserve to be cared for with love." "From wellness to wholeness: this is the journey I wish for you."

On behalf of the entire staff, we thank Oprah for the beautiful words we have allowed ourselves to share again.

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