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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Vitamin C has several functions: for example, it strengthens our organism. But did you know that it also helps protect and rejuvenate the skin?

Vitamin C is an essential element for our body. Among its main functions, in fact, it helps repair body tissues and it has an important immune and antioxidant role.


Vitamin C – also called ascorbic acid or ascorbate – is an essential nutrient for the organism. This vitamin can be effectively taken through a balanced diet. More precisely, the main foods in which it occurs are of plant origin (fruit and vegetables). In fact, Vitamin C is only marginally present in other foods such as liver (offal) or milk.

On the other hand, among the main foods that stand out for their supply of ascorbic acid are: citrus fruits, other acidic fruits (such as kiwis and apples), peppers, parsley, cabbage, strawberries, etc.

Because of the thermolability of this compound, decidedly lower quantities of Vitamin C remain after cooking. So it is better to eat the above-mentioned foods raw, in order to maintain their properties.

The main functions for our organism are:

  • intestinal absorption of iron;

  • reduction of the toxicity of some minerals;

  • immune function.


Vitamin C is also used to protect the skin of our body, particularly facial skin. Because of its properties, it plays an important anti-aging role. Let's go into detail.

The main functions of vitamin C include the repair of body tissues, the production of some neurotransmitters, the functioning of numerous enzymes, immune and antioxidant actions.

Due to these properties, Vitamin C is used to formulate mainly face serums and other anti-aging cosmetics designed to protect and rejuvenate the skin damaged by the sun, free radicals and age.

The main functions that this vitamin performs for the skin are:

  • it is an effective antioxidant; therefore it acts against photo/chrono-aging, protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals produced by the sun and pollution;

  • it has a powerful anti-wrinkle effect;

  • it is an effective lightener; i.e. it acts by making dark spots on the skin less visible.

For all these reasons, a balanced diet is important for your health but also for your appearance.

At Palazzo Fiuggi, food is considered to be medicine and you can therefore find a personalized diet that will have functional and aesthetic benefit for your organism.


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