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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The blackcurrant is the fruit of Ribes nigrum, a shrub in the Grossulariaceae family, also called Saxifragaceae. It is mainly present in Northern and Central Europe but it is native to Siberia, and its seasonality goes from August to September. But what are blackcurrant benefits?



Some studies have shown that this fruit has numerous beneficial properties, such as:

  • antioxidant features, which are beneficial for the health of our body and particularly for the Cardiovascular System;

  • astringent properties;

  • anti-inflammatory features, which are recommended for those suffering from joint rheumatoid arthritis;

  • neuroprotettive;

  • antitumoral properties;

  • neuroprotective features;

  • vasoprotective properties, which are beneficial in case of capillary fragility and rosacea.

Moreover, not only the whole fruits have these important features, but also their oil and juice.



Not only the Cardiovascular System, the Circulatory System and the joints benefit from the special proprieties of this fruit, but also the sight.


Taking this fruit does not involve any specific contraindications. However, particular caution is advised only for specific cases, such as for those suffering from epilepsy and those who take anticoagulants, such as warfarin sodium. In the first case, caution is advisable because the risk of a lowering in the threshold for the onset of seizures may occur; in the second case, the intake could affect the effect of the medicine.

It is clear that, for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, you must always rely on experts.

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