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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Here are 5 good resolutions that health experts suggest to rebalance your mind and body.

Why are good resolutions usually made at the beginning of a new year? Well, the hardest part of starting something new is often deciding when to start it. The beginning of the year, however, with its winds of change, novelty and hope, seems to invite us to start doing all those things that have been postponed over time.

The advice is, therefore, to draw up a list of good purposes to put into practice during the year, but with the 1% technique. In fact, changing a behaviour is a process that inevitably encounters a lot of obstacles: we can often get around them by causing the change in small doses. Let's find out how.


With ‘digital detox’ we refer to a period of time that people choose to spend away from social media and digital devices such as smartphones, PCs and other similar ones. The goal is to make one's relationship with technology healthier.

Social media – and technology in general – affect mental and physical well-being. In fact, we are often distracted by notifications or messages and unable to stay focused on work or other activities that are taking place.

In addition, it may happen that, after a whole day spent answering e-mails, sending messages or responding to notifications, we experience real physical fatigue.

Therefore, we can try to reduce our interaction with technology without feeling deprived, for example, by turning off the mobile phone when we go to bed.

If we need to be on call, we can just disconnect the data network half an hour before going to sleep. When this routine will have become a habit, we can start waiting half an hour before re-enabling the data network when we wake up. When this too will be settled, the half hour can be increased to 45 minutes and then to 60.

Then we can apply this strategy first during a meal, then in everyone etc. You will see what a change!


Sleeping well helps our organism feel good and produce the necessary energy and vitality throughout the day.

Sleep is essential:

  • for the Nervous System, because it is used by the brain to organize the information to be remembered, for the production of hormones and for a substantial good functioning of the psychological and emotional functions.

  • for the Cardiovascular System, which uses it to regulate blood pressure.

  • for the Immune System, because it is used for the production of antibodies and cytokines, which are essential for the protection of our body.

Let's apply these suggestions and you will see what a change!

  1. Sleep when you are in bed, stay awake elsewhere: if you feel tired in front of the TV, you’d better go to bed rather than fall asleep and then wake up to switch room.

  2. If you struggle to sleep or wake up too early, don't stay in bed: get up. Your brain must not associate the bed with the waking phase, otherwise a real insomnia can occur.

  3. Limit the consumption of stimulants to the first phase of the day.


Exercising could also be a good resolution for this 2022.

A tip could be to start with walks of about 10 minutes every day, possibly as soon as we wake up, in order to metabolize cortisol: this hormone is released into the blood with a peak around 7:00 in the morning. In the following weeks, we can increase the walking minutes.

This slow process will help our body get used to moving and be more motivated.


We can start with one healthy meal a week and then increase the frequency in the following days until you we will have a healthy and balanced diet every day without even realizing it. If gradual, in fact, a change is hardly felt and it will be easier to get used to it.


Relationships and people take time to commit and we already know how important it is to select who to devote our time to.

So, how can we make sure that others also dedicate time to us? Exactly like this: making choices and dedicating quality-time to people, rather than quantity.

This awareness of the importance of one's time will unconsciously help us valuate our time and commitment, helping other people dedicate quality-interaction to us.

From Palazzo Fiuggi, therefore, we wish you a 2022 of satisfaction, happiness and of course health!


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