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What is tulsi and what are its properties? Tulsi, or Indian basil, is also called ‘holy basil’ due to its many health benefits. Let's find out what they are.

Holy basil, or sacred basil, is an element and nutrient used in Ayurvedic medicine for its properties:

  • Antioxidants

  • Anti-ageing; it fights free radicals and slows down the tissue ageing process

  • Strengthens the immune system thanks to its antibacterial properties

  • Digestive; also eliminates intestinal gas and, thus, reduces abdominal swelling

  • Expectorants (allows secretions to be expelled from the airways through coughing)

  • Antistress; reduces cortisol levels in the blood

  • Reduces blood sugar

  • Reduces blood cholesterol

Tulsi also contains ursolic, apigenin, luteolin, vitamin K, and vitamin C. These can be taken in different ways, depending on both the purpose and compatibility of the intake method.


This is an aromatic herb with a very pleasant flavour containing hints of lemon, licorice and even mint. Below, we recommend some recipes that are both useful for health benefits and pleasant to taste:

  • Seasonal ailments: a warm infusion of honey and tulsi leaves creates a cough or cold relief mixture. It can also alleviate bronchitis and fever-related symptoms.

  • Diabetes: to beat the summer heat, you can make healthy, flavoured water by simply adding tulsi leaves.

  • Heart: reducing cholesterol in the blood also lowers blood pressure. One herbal tea a day can be of valuable aid to thischronic pathology.

  • Its essential oil is a powerful and natural antibacterial. You can extract it from the leaves yourself or find it in stores.

Did you know: tulsi root extract can be used to create a paste to apply on insect bites? It can also relieve pain and reduce redness and itching.

Its antibacterial properties as well as the fresh and pleasant taste allow it to act as a natural mouthwash, which helps to protect against cavities, plaque, tartar, and bad breath.


A healthy body uplifts and helps the spirit live better. But what natural measures can we take to help it? Here are some benefits of consuming tulsi.

As mentioned previously, it reduces stress by acting directly on cortisol. Additionally, it contains adaptogens. Tulsi helps the body adapt to particular conditions of physical, psychological, and/or emotional stress.

Did you know that our body doesn’t know the difference between physical orpsychological stress?

Rather, it recognises whether the stress is endogenous (originating internally) or exogenous (due to external causes). Tulsi helpsthe body adapt to particular stresses.

There are many varieties of tulsi on the market: essential oil, dried leaves for decoctions and infusions, potted plants, or even tulsi-based supplements. But for it to work effectively, it must always be included in a healthy diet and treatment plan supervised by a doctor.

The aforementioned diseases should be treated by medical experts. That being said, if you want to find out how nature can support you on the path to health and well being, the multidisciplinary team of Palazzo Fiuggi is ready to welcome you and tend to all your physical, nutritional, and psychological needs.


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