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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

A balanced diet and proper hydration improve our health in every aspect. Moreover, water can have additional properties – just like food – that can help prevent cancer.


Thanks to progress in cancer medicine, today we know that a balanced diet can help prevent cancer.

In fact, we can have many benefits through a rich diet. In particular, we need to include:

  • Lots of vegetables;

  • Lots of fruit;

  • Whole grains.

On the other hand, some foods should be limited to get the maximum benefit from your diet:

  • Red meat;

  • Sausages;

  • Alcohol.

According to many studies, a balanced weight and regular physical activity are also very important. It should also be emphasized that doctors recommend getting nutrients through the diet and avoiding the use of food supplements.


We all know how important it is to hydrate and drink a lot of water for the health of our organism. We have also known, for a long time, that thermal waters have benefits for our well-being. In fact, it was the ancient Romans who attributed great healing properties to the springs scattered throughout Italy.

With more advanced techniques and knowledge than 2.000 years ago, we know today that the waters of the thermal springs have many benefits:

  • Salty waters (or with sodium chloride) contain a lot of sodium chloride, calcium and magnesium. They have beneficial properties for obesity, gastritis, diabetes, hepatobiliary insufficiency and constipation;

  • Sulphurous waters contain a lot of sulphur and they are beneficial in case of osteoarticular and respiratory diseases, metabolic, skin and gynaecological diseases or angiopathies;

  • Arsenical and ferruginous waters contain a lot of iron and traces of arsenic. They are indicated in case of sideropenic anaemia, lymphatic diathesis, convalescence, skin diseases and nephritis;

  • Bicarbonate waters are indicated for problems of dyspepsia, liver disease and metabolic diseases;

  • Sulphate waters (with prevalence of sulphate anion) are indicated for liver and biliary tracts diseases and constipation;

  • Carbonic waters (which contain bicarbonate in various forms) are useful in case of gastritis and gastric dyspepsia because they promote digestion;

  • Radioactive waters (they may have a scary name) contain traces of radon and they are useful in case of gout, allergies, vasomotor rhinitis and chronic vaginitis;

  • Salty-bromine-iodine waters contain sodium chloride and other minerals. For this reason, they are useful in case of lymphatism, chronic arthropathies, inflammatory gynaecological diseases and chronic diseases of the respiratory system.

In short, water can be a panacea for the whole body and it can improve our health in many ways – by drinking it or through baths, mud baths, irrigations and inhalations – helping our body to prevent diseases and health problems. Not to mention the stress-relieving benefits that thermal baths or Thalassotherapy can have.

The water of Fiuggi has known beneficial properties both for bathing and hydration. At Palazzo Fiuggi, herbal teas with relaxing and draining properties have been created on the recipes of the Benedictine monks of the area and on the principles of phytotherapy. These, combined with the water from the area, can give you many benefits.


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