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Is it possible that the cause of that recurring tiredness and sluggishness is a vitamin B12 deficiency?

And exactly what is it and how to combat tiredness with it?

Sometimes all it takes is a few small things to keep in mind during one's diet to combat physiological problems that seem to have no explanation.


cibo ricco di vitamina B12 di origine animale molto importante per la nostra salute

Vitamin B12 is present in animal products and its intake is crucial in the production of red blood cells and the formation of bone marrow; humans are in dire need of this component and there is no plant product that can, on its own, meet the human need, which is why the greatest deficiencies are recorded in plant-based diets.


There can be several reasons for a lack of absorption of the vitamin:

  • inflammatory diseases

  • celiac disease

  • proliferation of bacteria

  • medicines

  • old age and decreased gastric acidity

Thus, there are many and varied reasons for a high B12 deficiency, various diseases and old age itself can lead to a malabsorption of the vitamin, thus preventing the body from performing its normal functions.

A strong and recurring feeling of tiredness is perhaps the most common symptom that occurs as a result of a failure to metabolise nutrients: feeling exhausted, lacking in strength, constantly overwhelmed by the need to rest and then realising that sleep is not enough to feel better; those who feel this way find it hard to find a cause.

donna accusa una forte stanchezza dovuto al mancato apporto e assimilazione di vitamina B12

One must be careful if tiredness is also accompanied by:

  • pallor

  • weakness

  • tingling in the limbs

In this case there is no doubt, the culprit is the daily nutritional intake and in particular the assimilation of vitamin B12. In the worst cases, there can also be consequences for the nervous system.

Blood tests will confirm the diagnosis, but what about treatment?

It is both simple and complex: just start taking care of yourself in the best possible way, learning what it means to eat healthy by supplementing every single nutrient you need.

The team of experts and chefs at Palazzo Fiuggi work on various levels, teaching the individual how to manage a correct diet plan tailored to them, carrying out a series of analyses and check-ups on the body to ensure the perfect energy intake to restore a body in search of its own wellbeing.


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