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With the right precautions, whether it be to relax or to acquire a nice bronze complexion, sunbathing is a panacea for bodily health. It helps release serotonin, cortisol, and vitamin D.

Just over a week of sun exposure allows you to get a healthy, persistent and uniform tan, which can be maintained and possibly intensified with the help of products that promote melanin production.

Those doing drug therapy should be careful when sunbathing, as the combination of the two can cause phytotoxicity and other toxic or photoallergic reactions.

It is absolutely necessary to practice caution when sunbathing by avoiding prolonged exposure in the middle of summer days and working with the right protections to avoid the risk of health problems, such as sunburns and more serious pathologies like melanoma or other forms of skin cancer.

For fair-complexioned people, it is advised to use a very high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) level (50 or 50+). Experts recommend that you not go below 15, no matter your skin tone.

Furthermore, it is important to protect the eyes from damage by wearing sunglasses.

What benefits does the sun bring?

Sunbathing brings several benefits, namely vitamin D, which is produced by our body after adequate exposure to sunlight and is especially good for cholesterol.

Vitamin D produces calcitriol, which, in addition to promoting proper bone growth, affects cell growth, immune and neuromuscular functions, and the decrease of inflammation.

After sunbathing, you can feel greater mobility of the joints and muscle relaxation. Exposure to sunlight also helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle, stimulates metabolism, increases muscle capacity, and promotes skin perspiration, which facilitates the expulsion of toxins.

The benefits aren’t just physical. Exposure to sunlight helps us avoid SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or other seasonal mood disorders because it activates neurotransmitters like serotonin.

Hair benefits

It is thought that vitamin D is involved in follicle health and affects the emergence and growth of hair.

Bone benefits

Vitamin D is essential for the formation of bones and the skeletal structure since it promotes phosphorus and calcium absorption in the intestines and kidneys, promotes mineralization, and increases bone resorption, which is the replacement of old bone tissue with younger tissue. Read the article to learn more.

It is important to prevent osteomalacia, rickets in children, and osteoporosis, all of which are linked to lack of calcium and/or phosphorus.

To know how to protect skin and hair and fully enjoy the benefits of the sun, Palazzo Fiuggi and its team of experts can accompany you on your vacation through supervision of beauty products, along with providing the most suitable nutrition for different purposes such as tanning.

A healthy summer diet is essential as well as any other season throughout the year. With these tips, you can beat the heat.


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