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Aggiornamento: 29 nov 2021

You are not healthy only when you are healed, but above all when you return to feel good with your body and mind.

"Post-Covid Syndrome" consists of a series of signs and symptoms that develop during or after a Covid-19 infection and which continue for more than 12 weeks (and cannot be explained by other diagnoses).

When talking of Covid Syndrome, the term "Long Covid" is often preferred, giving a different meaning to the experience of patients in remission.

Recent studies show that this syndrome affects about 1.5% of people, usually in the three months following the Covid-19 infection. Within this percentage, there is a greater chance of finding those people who have had serious infections, with an average age of 45.

Long Covid is characterized by a series of symptoms:

  • Muscle fatigue and weakness

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Anxiety or depressive syndromes

  • Dyspnea and respiratory fatigue

  • Chest and articolation pain

Many patients with long covid syndrome have stated that they suffer from difficulty thinking clearly, often accompanied by memory problems. In addition to persistent cough, headache, dizziness, skin rash, and lack of taste and smell.

The Covid-19 infection consists in the wide spectrum of symptoms that affect the patient's well-being also in continuing months after hospitalization. It is therefore necessary to guarantee patients an adequate rehabilitation program, specifically prepared, which will accompany them to regain optimal psycho-physical well-being.


Resuming physical activity after a long period of inactivity can be extremely difficult, for this reason doctors recommend slow and gradual physical and respiratory training.

Let's see 3 different training steps that you can follow to resume physical activity:

I. After the first 7 days from the conclusion of symptoms, experts recommend dedicating at least 15/20 minutes every day to carry out breathing and stretching exercises, avoiding excessive effort. Breathing exercises example: Inhale and exhale with your mouth open (and then half-closed) while laying on your side, supine and sitting, continuously and then intermittently. There are a number of exercises you can do, so make sure you are well informed before proceeding independently to conduct these activities. Remember that you can always contact an expert to get help from your home.

II. After repeating these exercises for over a week, if you start to feel better, you can increase physical activity, always continuing to include breathing and stretching exercises in your training plan. Walking outdoors is certainly one of the most recommended and useful exercises to do at this stage.

III. After a few months of starting to train your body again and especially when you are sure that you feel physically better, it is possible to undertake a more demanding training which includes moderate aerobic activities, such as fast-walking, swimming and cycling.

During this entire period of physical activity, try as much as possible to be followed by an expert or it is advisable to seek treatment that deals specifically with Long Covid symptoms.

Palazzo Fiuggi offers several possibilities that you can evaluate during your stay, such as relaxation, stimulating outdoor activities and a specialized medical team that will find the program that best suits your needs.


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