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PALAZZO FIUGGI takes care of your health. Thanks to a wide variety of treatments and personalised courses, our experts will guide you along a path that aims to improve your quality of life.


Healthy habits and good practices take time, and often the biggest obstacle to change is difficulty in the beginning.

With this in mind, Palazzo Fiuggi planned and created the following programmes: detox & weight, longevity, medical & diagnostic, and restore & balance, all of which can be customised to accommodate your needs and your goals.

Palazzo Fiuggi will be with you every step of the way. Beginning with preparations for your stay, the hammam welcome ritual, medical consults, personalised food lines, and concierge services after you’ve completed your selected programme. We also have a follow-up programme that will allow us to continue supporting you long after your stay at our facility.

The goal is for each Palazzo Fiuggi guest to have a unique experience and, above all, continue on the path towards a healthier life. At Palazzo Fiuggi, our top priority is providing you with the necessary tools to improve your quality of life.

Thanks to nutrition and medical programmes created by three-star Michelin chef Heinz Beck and Dr. David Della Morte Canosci, who has spent many years studying the impact of nutrition on patients with chronic diseases, you will be able to provide your body with the best possible nourishment.

Experience deep relaxation by visiting our spa, Movement Lab, and Roman baths.




According to one type of holistic approach, the properties of a system are not determined by its individual parts. Instead, the whole system is what determines the behaviour of its constituent parts.

According to this system, living beings are the sum of a series of factors: biological, psychological, and social.

By longevity, we mean the physiological capacity of an organism to survive beyond its life expectancy. Palazzo Fiuggi takes care of the body in a global way, proposing programmes ranging from fitness to nutrition, and from meditation to medical treatments.


The mission of Palazzo Fiuggi is to restore balance and harmony to the body and environment. To do this, we must focus on many factors. Let's start with bad habits:



You may not realise it, but certain daily behaviours can strongly influence your health. With this in mind, it is important to identify main risk factors, contain them, and/or completely abandon them, if possible. These include:

  • Smoking, both active and passive, does not only cause major damage to the lungs, but also affects the health of the body as a whole. Consider the damage smoking does to the skin and teeth. For this reason, anti-smoking centres exist to facilitate quitting. When it comes to second-hand smoking, it is recommended that you avoid being around people who smoke.

  • A poor diet consisting of sausages, red meat, fried and/or processed foods can leave a negative impact on your health. To avoid serious consequences, you should reduce alcohol consumption and aim for diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables. These provide the appropriate amount of minerals, salt, and fibre. Also, drink plenty of water to keep the body properly hydrated.

  • Excess weight can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases, so it is important to maintain a healthy body weight and get enough exercise.

  • Pollution is an often underestimated factor. For example, deriving from the use of pellet or wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, or even due to the toxic substances we inhale with cleaning chemicals, in both a good the habit is to reduce their use; It is also important to try to avoid areas that are too busy, due to the high concentration of smog, when jogging, or wear anti-smog masks when walking or cycling in very polluted areas.

  • A sedentary lifestyle atrophies the body. It is essential to maintain an active lifestyle and take advantage of every opportunity to move. This will encourage blood flow and promote good metabolism.



According to a research project conducted in 2004 by Drs Blackburn and Epel, stress, in addition to time and other factors, is complicit in cellular ageing. In particular, it has been shown that poor stress management deteriorates telomeres, the bottom part of a chromosome responsible for protecting DNA.

However, this discourse must be limited to the incorrect management of stress, long-term psychophysical malaise, and the absence of stressful stimuli. That is to say, in cases of distress.

To counteract stress, there is one solution: slow down.

However, there is not only one type of stress. Eustress, for example, is actually a positive form of stress. It is the release of hormones that give us the mental and physical energy needed to confront challenges or danger.

At Palazzo Fiuggi, you can learn how to manage negative stress by performing genuine acts of self-care and embracing slow living.




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