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The feeling of heavy and tired legs is rather common, many people experience it. It is a symptom that can appear because of various factors, some of them pathologic. In this sense, it is important not to underestimate the problem.

However, tired and heavy legs are not always a symptom linked to basic illnesses, but they could be caused by daily activities or by exposure to certain environmental conditions (for example, very hot weather).

Symptoms of bad peripheral circulation are unmistakable:

● Legs that feel weighted and painful

● Swollen ankles

● Visible capillaries

● Tingling, itchiness, muscular cramps


The causes can stem from pathologies or circumscribed events and they can vary:

● Disorders and pathologies of blood vessels and circulation

● Disorders and pathologies linked to diabetes

● Excessively hot weather

● Stress and a sedentary lifestyle

● Maternity

una donna massaggia le sue gambe poichè gonfie e stanche

Since heavy and fatigued legs represent an actual problem for some people, it is clear that a solution or at least a treatment for the underlying cause is needed. In some cases, several remedies and behavioural precautions might be useful for symptom relief. A solution could be not wearing tight clothes, limiting muscular strain, or reducing standing time and using comfortable shoes.

However, the food we eat is fundamental.

Following a proper, regular diet is one of the most recommended solutions, and combining it with regular physical activity proportional to your own training level helps prevent the onset of the symptom itself.

giusti alimenti da mangiare per combattere le gambe pesanti

In order to favour blood circulation, help lymphatic drainage, and put an end to swollen and heavy legs you should:

  1. Prefer fresh fruits and vegetables with diuretic and depurative properties, rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, that favour vein elasticity and reinforce its walls;

  2. Eliminate excessively fat and salty food, which cause body fluid retention

  3. Drink a lot of water, at least 2 litres every day. Herbal teas and infusions are also very useful, especially those made from fenugreek, blackberry leaves, horsetail, Bermuda grass, butcher's boom roots.

  4. Meat proteins are good because they strengthen muscles and build lean mass. White meat, like chicken and turkey, contains the same amount of iron as red meat, but without the amount of fats that are not easily digestible.

  5. Eat blue fish and salmon, great source of omega-3s which facilitate lymphatic and blood circulation.

The team of Palazzo Fiuggi is well aware of the importance of a proper healthy diet for the wellbeing of the body. You will find an interdisciplinary team that will create a personalised diet based on your body’s needs.

Palazzo Fiuggi’s program “Optimal Weight” will provide indications to perfect your eating and exercising habits, based on your body.


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